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     Being able to feel the energy was incredible.  The relaxation was off the charts.  Having help with my pain is such a big bonus!  I will definitely have more treatments!

- Linda K 

     I've been fighting breast cancer since 2009, been diagnosed with celiac disease,  addison's disease,  and lupus. I've been in pain and for so long, I began thinking nothing could help until Reiki.  My weekly sessions with Denise have helped manage my constant  pain, illness, and sleeplessness.  Reiki has been a great medicine to my mind, body, and soul.

Priscilla Phillips

     After my first session I had a great nights sleep and my back was more relaxed.  I went to the chiropractor ….the first time in 7 years and they were able to adjust my lower back with what I call a pretzel position.  Can’t believe it…. I have been so tight I always felt afraid of injury.  Previous Dr’s would’t even try it because I was too stiff. Thank you.

- Delores M.

     I came to a Reiki sessions from reading about the healing powers from a great book written by Andrew Weil MD and Dr Yasko - and discovered what they described as the healing power and energy of Reiki to be absolutely true. Denise - my new found friend who introduced me to my first session - is a compassionate, kind, gentle and gifted soul who led me down this warm and exciting path that I never knew truly existed. I've heard stories and read about the experiences of others who benefited from such healing powers -- the laying of hands to heal - the idea of remote healing - energy medicines - in this case, reiki - but I wanted to try it. I wanted to experience some level of healing and comfort in my life and Denise helped me find that place to heal and recover and feel the release of energy and other incredible feelings and images and sensations that I've never experienced or fathomed inside of my body and mind. It was truly a unique experience for me . I do read that others express very similar experiences and at all different levels of intensity - nonetheless the Reiki session with Denise was real and profound for me. 
     I express this to you - YOU - the person who is reading this comment- do not allow yourself to be held back from a session with Denise for some unknown or illogical or silly reason . Allow yourself to experience Reiki and you will come to understand this power that exists and you will also write kind and inviting words about Denise's gift with Reiki. She will make you feel comfortable and at home and at peace. My 13 yr old daughter was so intrigued with what she witnessed she also booked a session and she equally experienced something wonderful and different for herself that she enjoyed. Denise will welcome you and make you feel at peace and harmony with your body. Reach out to Denise as I did and you will also receive the blessings of Reiki.

- Juan E.


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