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Do you want to feel relaxed, centered and have a sense of peace daily? Ever wonder how you will cope with the days stresses that never seem to end. 


You can take control by learning to practice Reiki.


In one weekend, you can learn how to do a self-treatment and how to practice on others.  This will be a hands-on class. There will be an introduction to Reiki and a closer look at how it works. We will touch on becoming a Reiki Practitioner and a section on giving reiki treatments.


When you start your Reiki self-treatment which should occur on a daily basis, you will develop a better understanding of Reiki and will notice the strength of the Reiki. You will learn how Reiki supports your wellness and creates balance in your life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please contact me to be placed on the list for the next class.

Dates will be provided at that time for their class of interest. 


2023 1st Degree Reiki Class - $150


2023 2nd Degree Reiki Class - $250

2023 Master Reiki Class - $400


Manual is provided

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